Friday, April 12, 2013

Monkeystorm is Finished and Available on Kindle and Nook

It's up. I meant for it to be a Young Adult novel, but it might be too far over the top. I defy you to read it all the way through without causing coffee to come out of your nose:


Teen-aged Carina Nebula (as she calls herself) breaks out of Trenton Psychiatric Hospital and goes home to right a terrible wrong: her older brother, Gilbert, killed their parents and put the blame on her. With her new boyfriend, Spike (unemployed game designer, homeless person, and possibly also a vampire), she sets out to ruin Gilbert's reputation, steal his money, destroy his software company, and bring him to justice. But it's harder than it looks. Gilbert has powerful allies, too, and he is still on a killing spree.


Anonymous said...

If his teeth were green or blue I don't think I'd be so scared of him!!! Thelma Straw in Manhattan

Kate Gallison said...

But, his tongue is so pink.